I have a dream of bringing music to the poorest of the poor children in India.
I started playing violin at the age of two, and this early start led me to a fulfilling life as a concert musician traveling all over the world to perform. I would like to give all children the opportunity of an early exposure to music.
During my extensive travels, I was surprised to discover two countries in the world that have achieved a hundred percent literacy in music: Hungary and Venezuela. For instance, Venezuela aspired to keep their poor children away from drugs and violence and instead give them good values and a positive focus in life, and also a way to support themselves.
Seeing these examples, I was inspired to do something for the children of India. I felt that Indian children, especially poor children, could benefit from being exposed to music, and find a way out of the hopelessness of a life of poverty.
To help me realize my dream, I need to raise funds for the organization. To that end I am planning a concert tour in India in December 2013. The tour will bring together the best of Indian Classical music and Jazz, and include several distinguished Jazz musicians from the West.
A successful tour and the money raised through the sale of tickets for these shows will enable Kalashree to get the initial funds it needs to bring music education to these children.
Those who read this blog, please click on either of the two links below and go donate generously on this crowd funding platform where I have started a campaign to raise funds by December 6th. Also urge your friends and family to donate generously for this noble cause. Thank you.