Besides the fact that Indian classical music sounds great, recent research has proven that listening to this popular music genre actually has a number of interesting health benefits. An article published in the famous Indian magazine Akhand Jyoti described how several world-renowned doctors and health experts admitted that listening to Indian classical music, particularly violin-based instrumentals, are extremely beneficial in terms of health.

Dr. W. H. J. Wales says that Indian classical music has the ability to heal even the most troubled digestive systems. She also believes that the violin-based Indian classical music has the ability to vibrate tissues in the ear in a unique way, which helps keeps the brain and nervous system in check. Hence, not only does this beautiful genre of music help keep your nerves relaxed, but it also helps activate and energize sensory systems in the human body.

Dr. D. Brine has, time and time again, used shankha, a form of Indian classical music, to counter cares of hearing impairment. According to him, the intensity and pitch of this music is able to cause beneficial vibrations in the ear drums, and in effect, counter

Medical scientists in several European countries are conducting tests to see whether other sounds, such as those of temple-bells, have the right notes needed to cure hearing disabilities.

Of course, it is important to mention that the health benefits that can be obtained from listening to songs is not limited to just Indian classical music. Even western classical music has been proven to have tremendous health benefits. Most of us have probably heard of the “Mozart Effect” – the idea that by listening to music composed by Mozart over three hundred years ago, we can increase IQ. Although this has been proven incorrect by scientists, it still remains that his music helps relax the brain and calm the heart.