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Concert Review from Kolkata in March 2016

Behala Sanskritik Sangeet Sammelani, 2016 – Day 4 331 Views Shatavisha MukherjeeApril 10, 2016 Concert Reviews The Behala Music Conference has been a treat for the music lovers especially from that part of the city for four years now. The huge event is held on the ground of Behala Blind School and continues for several […]

Interview of Terry Riley in the San Francisco Chronicle

Photo: Courtesy Of Terry Riley Concerts celebrating Terry Riley’s 80th birthday are Thursday at Palace of Fine Arts, Friday and Saturday at Cowell Theater. Concerts celebrating Terry Riley’s 80th birthday are Thursday at Palace of Fine Arts, Friday and Saturday at Cowell Theater. Terry Riley recalls talking to Lou Harrison when that late, great maverick […]

The Future of Indian Classical Music

If one has to pick something that bedazzled those who ventured into the subcontinent without being familiar about its peculiarities, it would have to be Indian Classical Music. This art has survived, evolved and adapted as it continues to venture through time, but now as the pace at which history is being created is faster […]

Help me bring Music to the poor children in India

I have a dream of bringing music to the poorest of the poor children in India. I started playing violin at the age of two, and this early start led me to a fulfilling life as a concert musician traveling all over the world to perform. I would like to give all children the opportunity […]

Healing Through Indian Classical Music

Besides the fact that Indian classical music sounds great, recent research has proven that listening to this popular music genre actually has a number of interesting health benefits. An article published in the famous Indian magazine Akhand Jyoti described how several world-renowned doctors and health experts admitted that listening to Indian classical music, particularly violin-based […]

Fingering Techniques Adopted by Indian Violinists

There are a number of ways Indian violinists stand apart from their western counterparts, but perhaps the biggest distinguishing feature between violinists emerging from these two varying traditions is the fingering technique. This difference in fingering techniques enables Indian violinists to produce completely different tunes from their western counterparts, Balasvamy Dikisitar was arguably one of […]

Difference Between Western and Indian Violinists

The violin as we know it today may not have originated in India, but Indian violinists have been playing similar instruments have been around in the subcontinent since much before the emergence of the violin. The first form of the violin is in fact believed to have emerged in India, and was much similar to […]

A Guide to Buying Violins in India

A high-quality violin is an essential investment that every aspiring violinist must make. Since violins are expensive instruments, it is important to make sure you get the right instrument and for the right price. Buying violins in India is not an easy task, especially since there is no one place you can look to make […]

A Brief History of the Violin In India and Around the World

The violin is one of the most commonly used modern string instruments today. This stringed instrument was  first manufactured in the early sixteenth century, at the forefront of the European Renaissance. The first known modern violin was made by Andrea Amati in 1555. However, the history of the violin in India and around the world can […]